Monday, 25 August 2014

Sportswear: My Style Inspiration

So, i was thinking of doing posts about general photos that inspire me for the week. Right now i am loving the sporty trend, with leather sweats and luxe sweatshirts to tracksuits and running shoes and such.Even before tracksuits and varsity jackets ( and Tommy Hilfiger's 2014 s/s collection) hit the runway,  I've loved sporty clothing, It always made me feel bold yet low-maintenance.

I am inspired by vintage 90's highschool cheerleader costumes,the olympics, and yoga.  Sports and school go hand in hand, because teams and such are such a big part of the school experience. They still remind me of hot, summer days that I'd spend with friends, lounging around in our backyards doing nothing. (The irony of sportswear...)

I do not claim to own any of these photos (:

Love you,

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