Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Brogues: My Most Coveted Shoes For this Fall!

Whenever shoes caught my attention on the runways for spring/summer, they were brogues or oxfords. To me, they are the hottest shoe trend for this year. I've never really beena  fan of oxfords because they seem like a false, girly-washed form of brogues. Brogues seem to be actual boy shoes rather than something that's trying to copy the style, and I'm into real  things that aren't mimicking other things. (I don't like purposely ripped, new denim...I like to live in my denim till its washed out and ripped , you know?) I absolutely adore brogues. Here are some of my favourites!

Brogues are one of the biggest shoe trends for 2014. I picked out some for (almost) any outfit you could wear. Brogues are so classic; and now they are being produced in refreshing new ways that I wonder how no one could have thought to make brogues like this before.

This black holographic brogue is a killer. It looks like petroleum on a road on a rainy night; and although I've been trying to cancel out the black form my closet, i feel this shoe would be wroth buying.

This are silver, yet not so shiny that they'll only go with a single article of clothing in your closet, and look ludicrous when worn with anything else. I feel these will highlight a nice tan perfectly, and will make almost any outfit bolder. Also a nice way to embrace the metallic trend If you felt like you couldn't pull off something like, say, a silver skater skirt.

I think that if you really like a certain type of shoe, you must buy it in nude form. (More on that on my next post.) This brogue is classic, yet the liquid like shiny finish gives it a very understated, muted look without blending in too much. 

Why have i not thought of a velvet brogue? Honestly. It's a winning combination; so vintage, and this pink is so soft and feminine, It's like a grunge flower girl. The velvet gives it a unique texture, and this shoe is freaking gorgeous. I don't know how many things this will go with, but honestly, I think that's the beauty of grunge. My favourite shoe from this list!

These. The perfect way to incorporate the impossible-seeming transparent trend into your wardrobe. It's perfectly balanced; the white, the clear part, and the black band across. And  I've seen it so many times online, so It's clear I'm not the only one who's obsessed with this!
And It's the perfect minimalistic shoe. It goes with everything as well.

I know these aren't brogues but they're sort of in the same category, so you know. 

I don't know where or with what I will wear with these. They are such attention-grabbers! But at the same time, so understated and simple. These shoes demand to been seen and praised. Imagine walking into a room with these on! They're super classic and this type of shoe flatters the calf like nothing else. (Or that's what i think, anyway). 

I have other shoe trends that I really love, and i will have another shoe post soon. I just have a bunch of stuff going on right now so I apologize for this short post! 
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